Mr - Miss MTS Vietnam Final Round 2011
Mr - Miss MTS Vietnam Final Round
"Mr - Miss MTS Vietnam", which started in early July and get the attention of hundreds of young people in both South and North Vietnam. After profile qualifying round, the Organization Board has selected 150 candidates into the preliminary round, from which to select the 30 finalists face. Overcome some contests with increasing levels of expertise,  14 confidence contestants entered the finale round.

Minh Tiệp Invited actress Quỳnh Nga in " Programing The Heart" to be a judge in final contest round.
Sau bộ phim
After the movie "Programming for the heart", Ming Tiep - Quynh Nga became close friends, often appeared together at many events

Finale Round was held in Hanoi on 10/9, starting with catwalk contest. This was a contest showing confidence in gait and expression of each contestant with personality outfit of their choice. After the competition, the judges selected 8 candidates to step into rounds with celebrity acting and MC contests.

Contest held to choose the pretty face with  acting and MC skills the program to pick prospective and new talent person for Vietnam Art industry. The total score for each candidate include: 60% performance point, 30% MC and 10% MC anthropometric.

Minh Tiệp và vợ là người đẹp Thùy Dương, Quỳnh Nga, Đức Khuê chăm chú xem phần thi ứng xử của các thí sinh.

Minh Tiep and his beautiful wife Thuy Duong, Quynh Nga, Duc Khue watch the behavior contest of the contestants.

Các gương mặt chiến thắng:
Mr & Miss of MTS contest: Tran Vuong Anh, Nguyen Thi Cam Linh, Nguyen Thu Thuy.

Quite confused with the conundrum, but Tran Vuong Anh also won the Mr. MTS Vietnam. He currently is  the  favorite face of alot younger audience
Awards Miss MTS Vietnam was split evenly for  Nguyen Thu Thuy and Nguyen Thi Cam Linh because of getting equal points. The first time held the contest Minh Tiep said he wants this to be a annual  play ground for young moviegoers, will be the launch pad for their artistic path.
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